Restored // A Women's Wellness Collective

Hosted by Rebekah Fedrowitz, MDN, BCHN

What is Restored?

Restored is a faith-based women's wellness collective here to help you thrive in your health, life, and purpose. 

Our focus is...

1. Helping women find healing, wholeness, and freedom so they can live fully in their God-given life and purpose.

2. Challenging the status quo of women's health and culture in order to create a better world.

3. Building a positive and encouraging community of vetted experts and purpose-driven women who lift each other up and challenge each other to be better every day.

What do we cover?

This community is a safe space to learn, share, and connect about topics that matter to you!

Some of our key topics include...

1. Health - from hormones and digestion to stress and kids, we approach health holistically to support you and your family's well-being.

2. Food - amazing recipes, meal planning inspiration, the benefits of eating wholesome food, and more!

3. Faith - scriptures, devotions, and conversations to help you grow in your walk with God.

4. Life - where do we begin with things that matter to busy women? Work-life balance, household organization, stress management, parenting, marriage, community, etc, etc. If it matters to you and impacts your stress, we want to talk about it!

Group Policies

We want to keep Restored // A Women's Wellnes Collective as valuable, authentic, and safe as possible.

By requesting to join this group, you agree to reviewing and adhering to the group policies provided in the "Members Info & Resources" topic section.

Don't worry - the rules are nothing crazy. We just ask that all of our community members be kind and respectful, ask and share openly, and not spam the group.